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What should you expect in a lighting fixture? You should expect and obtain more than an object to brighten your room. When you turn on your light, your lamps should make your room come alive in an instant with a unique and lovely glow. Each lamp should be an object of beauty that lifts your spirits and creates a feeling of personal satisfaction with your interior decorating scheme that cannot be provided by lighting fixtures that are mass produced on an assembly line.

Each of our lighting fixtures is individually crafted by hand - one at a time. This is not a factory process and our artisans are required to have talent, experience and patience to meet our exacting standards as well as yours.

Our products are created for customers who seek to be surrounded by lovely objects as part of their interior design, individuals who require the highest quality in every small detail but who also insist upon value for their money. Because our lighting fixtures are made in Thailand where labor costs are low, we can meet both aspects of these needs.

Our collection pieces consist of lamps made in the shapes of the sun, moon, stars and the flame. The products are available as follows:

Our collection piece prices range from $85 to $305. Pictures of our products can be viewed at the online shop.

We also design exclusive pieces for those customers who desire lamps that are one of a kind. Over the past several years, we have done a number of custom lamps and will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a price quote. Please contact me directly: Michiel

Both our collection pieces as well as our exclusive pieces are available only online. You will not see any of our products sold in stores.


How our products are made: Our lamps are surprisingly strong and durable. Even though the technique has much in common with papier mache, it is significantly different. The reason for their strength is the multitude of thin layers on top of each other which forms a thick mass. Additionally, because the form is always round, this shape makes the lamps even more solid. Furthermore, they are saturated with epoxy which is an improved and more expensive version of polyester which dries extremely hard and stays perfectly clear while polyester tends to turn yellowish after some time and is not always perfectly solid. Another benefit of epoxy is that it serves to make the lighting fixtures water resistant so that they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Of course, you would treat these beautiful lamps gently as you would any of your objects of art. However, if an accident should happen, repairs are possible.

Our special technique: The shapes of our collection pieces are new and original as is our unique technique to create these pieces. Although our technique is made of ingredients similar to papier mache, our process is complex and the secret - which has never been done before is in the moulds we use. Because of our new technique, we are able to make our products all in one piece so that there is no tread. Consequently, we make hollow pieces which allows us to put the lamps inside - resulting in unusually beautiful and artistic objects.

We invite you to tour our website, look at our lovely lighting fixtures and ask any questions that have not been covered online. We look forward to creating a lamp for you so that when you arrive home each day, you will have something special to lighten up your personal space.

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